Transfer projects

In the transfer projects, basic scientific results from the CRC MAKI will be transferred to various application areas together with industrial partners. The transfer projects are expected to have repercussions on issues in basic research in the CRC.

T1 B5G-Cell: Adaptive Millimeter-wave Networking in Beyond-5G Cellular Systems with the industrial partner NEC Laboratories Europe

The T1 transfer project translates transitions into practical mechanisms for millimeter-wave networks for fast beam alignment, low-complexity transmission planning and effective mobility support.

T2 Context-based prediction of network load to improve service quality and customer satisfaction with the industry partner Vodafone GmbH

The transfer project T2 explores the use of context-based prediction of network load to counteract congestion situations by means of transitions and ultimately improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

T3 DynSDN: Dynamic management of reconfigurable Industrie 4.0 real-time communication networks using Software-defined infrastructure with the industrial partner Robert Bosch GmbH

The transfer project T3 explores the use of transitions of programmable network infrastructure elements for quality of service control in industrial Time Sensitive Networks.