Knowledge Transfer

Research results of the CRC MAKI are made available under the heading Knowledge Transfer. Open source software is freely accessible on various platforms. Demonstrators developed by various subprojects are presented and explained in videos.

Together with partners from industry, the basic scientific results from the CRC MAKI are brought into practical application in the transfer projects .

The CRC MAKI is based at the Technical University of Darmstadt. A total of nine departments of the TU Darmstadt work in collaboration. These include five departments from the area of Computer Science and four from the area of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. In addition, one research group each from the University RWTH Aachen, Goethe-University Frankfurt, University Stuttgart, University Koblenz-Landau, Philipps-University Marburg and University Duisburg-Essen are participating in the CRC. Their collaboration ensures extensive and comprehensive expertise in the research of communication mechanisms. List of the participating institutions .