Transfer project 2

Context-based prediction of network load to improve service quality and customer satisfaction

Based on the preliminary work and in cooperation with Vodafone GmbH, the transfer project T2 aims to transfer the previous findings and approaches into practice and to deepen and further generalise them. The focus is on the development of analysis and forecasting models that are able to predict future network loads and, in particular, load peaks based on context factors and user-generated data from the Internet. Based on the prediction of network load, user preferences and customer satisfaction are also predicted in order to counteract network failures through countermeasures and to understand their influence on customer satisfaction and willingness to switch.

The transfer project T2 investigates how context-based predictions can be used in practice to predict net-work loads and counteract overload situations in order to improve service quality and customer satisfac-tion. Based on this, the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and the willingness to churn will be investigated in order to understand the relationship between these factors in their entirety. The focus of the investigations is on exogenous events such as public events that cause major changes in the number of network participants. In this context, previously developed methods for context analysis and prediction, as well as already developed models for quantifying customer satisfaction and willingness to change, are being transferred, evaluated and further developed in a joint project in cooperation with the application partner. The transfer project is integrated into the CRC MAKI, whose goal is to research new construction methods, new models and procedures for future communication systems. These should enable transitions between functionally similar mechanisms within a communication system. In a transition, functionally comparable mechanisms within a communication system are transferred into each other depending on the context. The goal is to ensure a consistent and high quality or quality of service. T2 pays attention to this goal and builds a bridge between the MAKI research results and the economic implementation of these results in business practice.

The transfer project T2 offers, on the one hand, the possibility to transfer previous knowledge and approaches of both MAKI subprojects into practice. On the other hand, the transfer project offers the extraordinary opportunity to gain new insights regarding context factors, customer satisfaction and willingness to churn, which can only be achieved with great effort and to a limited extent within the scope of own user studies. The T2 transfer project can thus provide positive feedback for the entire CRC MAKI.

Subproject Leader T2:

  Name Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anja Klein
Head of Communications Engineering Lab
+49 6151 16-22380
S3|10 315
Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz
Wirtschaftsinformatik und Informationsmanagement (WIIM)
+49 (69) 798 34675
RuW-Gebäude 2.212