Transfer project 1

B5G-Cell: Adaptive Millimeter-wave Networking in Beyond-5G Cellular Systems

B5G-Cell transfer project addresses key issues in millimeter-wave communication with the cooperation of NEC Laboratories Europe. The feasibility of communication in millimeter-wave bands has been the focus of extensive research in academia and industry. Initial studies show that Gigabit-per-second throughput is achievable in static point-to-point scenarios. To cope with the high propagation loss in millimeter-wave bands, millimeter-wave communication systems use highly directional beamforming techniques. Such a high level of directionality implicates three main procedures in millimeter-wave cellular networks, namely, beam alignment, scheduling, and mobility management. Firstly, beam alignment is required so that users and base stations can establish a connection. Once connected, the base station should schedule the users. The high directionality has the advantage of enabling spatial frequency reuse since the interference area is limited to the coverage area of the beam. However, this location-dependency significantly adds to the complexity of scheduling. Last but not least, maintaining the beam alignment for mobile users is very challenging and demands accurate mobility tracking/prediction. It is extremely challenging to design practical mechanisms that facilitate fast beam alignment, low-complexity scheduling, and effective mobility support. To make such a complex system functional, we often require a multi-mechanism design which can proactively transition to the most suitable mechanism with reference to the network conditions. MAKI not only developed several optimal mechanisms for the challenges above, but also has the required expertise for handling multi-mechanism systems with the ability of proactive transitions.

Subproject Leader T1:

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Dr. Arash Asadi
Wireless Communication and Sensing Lab (WISE)
+49 6151 16-25480
Picture: Matthias Hollick
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hollick
Secure Mobile Networking
+49 6151 16-25470
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