TCEP: Transition-enabled CEP Operator Placement

The Operator Placement (OP) mechanism dictates the assignment of computing units, also called operators, to the network infrastructure based on the performance goals desired by the end user. The behaviour of a placement is strongly influenced by the underlying environment, e.g. the workload of queries or the performance goals of a large number of users. For this reason, Distributed Complex Event Processing (DCEP) does not rely sufficiently on a single placement mechanism, but it can benefit from adaptive use of multiple placement mechanisms. TCEP provides this by (i) supporting key interfaces for developing OP mechanisms, (ii) enabling dynamic replacement of OP mechanisms based on user requirements, and (iii) facilitating operator deployment on a wide range of network infrastructures.

Participating subprojects and awards

  • 3 participating subprojects (A4, C1, C2)
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