Best Demo Award auf der CoNEXT 2014


Björn Richerzhagen, Stefan Wilk, Julius Rückert, Denny Stohr und Wolfgang Effelsberg haben auf der CoNEXT 2014 den Best Demo Award für ihre Demo mit dem Titel „Transitions in Live Video Streaming Services“ gewonnen.

Abstract of the paper:

„This work shows a demonstration on the work of the Collaborative Research Center 1053 pursuing Multi-Mechanism Adaptation for the Future Internet. Our prototype shows a live video streaming system on mobile devices featuring

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Client/Server delivery concepts. The focus is to showcase seamless transitions between those mechanisms, depending on the monitored system state. For this, our system streams video from a central server to mobile devices connected by a WiFi Access Point. The system executes transitions between client/server delivery and a P2P streaming overlay based on the number of clients streaming the video. For demonstration purposes, transitions can be triggered either automatically or manually. The transitions between both delivery schemes and the clients’ states are monitored and visualized on a central UI.“