lectureStudio is an open and royalty-free software for e-teaching with support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It offers a multitude of possibilities: This starts with the presentation of PDF-based slide sets, including the possibility of pen annotations and digital whiteboards. These two features for use in interactive teaching scenarios (classroom, lecture hall) are enhanced by a quiz system with which surveys can be carried out very easily, in which the audience can participate directly by using own mobile devices in accordance with GDPR without the use of special apps or external servers. For remote teaching, recordings and bandwidth-saving live streaming are integrated directly into the software.

The streaming of presentations with lectureStudio requires the distribution of sometimes larger PDF documents to all streaming clients while maintaining soft real-time conditions (e.g., when distributing and discussing survey results in the form of generated PDF documents). Until now, all PDF documents have been delivered directly from the central streaming server to all participants attending a lecture remotely. This distribution service proves to be a bottleneck especially when many clients join a stream at the same time. Therefore, a hybrid P2P-based document distribution service is integrated into lectureStudio, which integrates central streaming servers, additional relay servers and powerful clients in one distribution topology.


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