CRC MAKI - Scientific Workshop 2022

Adaptive Networking for Cyber-Physical Systems

Technically co-sponsored by “Information Technology Society” (Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE (ITG)) and “Communication and Distributed Systems” (KuVS)

Date: Friday, 18 March 2022

Venue: Due to COVID-19 pandemic online only.


Rolf Findeisen and Klaus Wehrle

Adaptive Networking for Cyberphysical Systems

Increasing data rates of communication systems have been driving research in communication over the past decades and are widely used in today's information society.

However, the rapid appearance of cyber-physical system applications spanning from smart production to telemedicine and smart infrastructures leads to changing demands and requirements. Such systems typically demand reliable and safe real-time communication, as often critical feedback loops on different levels are closed over the network. Multiple new challenges, far exceeding the sole demand for increasing data rates, appear. They span from low latency, reliability, the energy efficiency of communication, and operation of the cyber-physical systems up to security and privacy. A rethinking of classical design and development approaches is necessary to meet these requirements. Modern cyber-physical systems demand tight integration of all components, communication, control, and system components to fully exploit the potential. The scientific workshop aims to address some of the challenges and outline possible solutions.


09:45 am Come Together
10:00 am Rolf Findeisen and Klaus Wehrle
Welcome and Introduction
10:15 am Daniel Quevedo
QUT – Queensland University of Technology
„Remote State Estimation with an Eavesdropper“
11:00 am Short break
11:05 am Sebastian Trimpe
RWTH Aachen
Marco Zimmerling
currently TU Dresden and from 1st April on: University of Freiburg
„Stability Guarantees and Resource Savings in Cyber-Physical Systems“
11:50 am Coffee break
12:05 pm Antonello Monti
RWTH Aachen
„Towards a software-defined energy network“
12:50 pm Short break
12:55 pm James Gross
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
„Towards an Internet of Reality“
01:40 pm Rolf Findeisen, Klaus Wehrle and Ralf Steinmetz
Open Discussion and Outlook (Scientific Workshop 2023)
02:10 pm End of the workshop