MAKI Scientific Workshop

Wayne Luk


Codifying optimisation strategies by meta-programming


This talk presents a novel approach that addresses the complexity of mapping high-level descriptions to accelerator platforms that can be used for in-network computing. The purpose is to enhance design productivity and maintainability. Our approach is based on a methodology decoupling functional concerns from optimisation concerns, allowing two separate descriptions to be independently maintained by two types of programmers: application experts focus on algorithmic behaviour, while platform experts focus on the mapping process. Our approach supports two key requirements: (1) Customisable optimisations to rapidly capture a wide range of mapping strategies, and (2) Reusable strategies to allow optimisations to be described once and applied to multiple applications.


Wayne Luk is Professor of Computer Engineering with Imperial College London and the Director of the EPSRC Centre for doctoral training in High Performance Embedded and Distributed Systems. His research focuses on theory and practice of customizing hardware and software for specific application domains, such as computational finance, climate modelling, and genomic data analysis. He is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, IEEE, and BCS.