CRC MAKI - Scientific Workshop 2021

In-Network-Processing: State-of-the-Art and Outlook

Date: Friday, 19 March 2021

Venue: Due to COVID-19 pandemic online via Zoom

Host: Prof. Dr.-Ing Andreas Koch and Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig

With the ever-growing data volumes and transmission rates, In-Network Processing (INP) is becoming an attractive alternative to conventional architectures, where networking (e.g., switches, NICs) and compute operations (servers) are strictly separated. With In-Network Processing, data can be operated on while being in-transit between nodes. The efficient implementation of INP is dependent on novel high-performance computing elements specialized for these applications. Examples for this include the use of many-core CPUs in SmartNICs, but also specialized FPGA-based hardware accelerators that can keep up with the bandwidth and latency demands even for the network traffic in a many-port SmartSwitch. The workshop will examine different use-cases and architectures for a number of In-Network-Processing approaches and discuss the underlying technologies and their characteristics.

01:15 pm Warming up, come together
01:30 pm Andreas Koch and Carsten Binnig
(TU Darmstadt, Germany)
Welcome and Introduction
01:50 pm Wayne Luk
(Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
''Codifying optimisation strategies by meta-programming''
02:40 pm Coffee break
03:00 pm Mosharaf Chowdhury
(University of Michigan, USA)
''Leveraging In‐Network Processing for Practical Memory Disaggregation''
03:50 pm Gustavo Alonso
(ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
''Smart-NICs on FPGAS and their applications''
04:40 pm Coffee break
05:00 pm Michaela Blott
(Xilinx Inc., San Jose, USA)
''Specialization in Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning''
05:50 pm Huynh Tu Dang
(Western Digital Corporation, San Jose, USA)
''Building Cache-coherent Scaleout Systems with Omnixtend''
06:40 pm Andreas Koch and Carsten Binnig
Closing Remarks
07:00 pm End of the workshop