MAKI Scientific Workshop

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Meuser

TU Darmstadt, Germany


Distributed Data Management under Uncertainty for Vehicular Networks.


Today's vehicles already exchange an enormous amount of sensor data,

which is expected to grow with the introduction of increasingly autonomous vehicles. The data sensed by the vehicles is, thus, shared with other vehicles, which then use the additional information to improve their decision-making. However, the processing of data provided by other vehicles renders previously utilized mechanisms for data validation and processing useless, as the quality of the shared data is diverse and depending on the individual sensor setup of the sensing vehicle. Additionally, not all data is equally important for the receiving vehicle, which is influenced by the likelihood of the vehicle requiring the provided data for its decision-making and the impact of not receiving the data in advance.

This high uncertainty in the quality and necessity of data needs to be resolved to enable future vehicular network, in which the available network resources are insufficient to share all available sensor data with each vehicle in the network.

In this talk, I propose concepts that can be used to prioritize and filter data depending on the individual needs of the receiver. This requires, beyond others, knowledge about the current location of the vehicle, which imposes the privacy of the occupants. Thus, our innovative communication concept considers this privacy by obfuscating the location of the receiving vehicle and additionally utilizing cooperation between vehicles to reduce the negative effects of privacy to the receiving vehicle.


Tobi studied business informatics at University of Hagen and Computer Science at TU Darmstadt. In 2016, Tobi obtained his Master’s degree with the thesis “Data Collection Management: A Dynamic Approach for Map Information Harvesting”. From 2016 to 2019, he worked as a research assistant in the research group „Distributed Sensing Systems“ at Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM). Since the defense of his Ph.D. thesis end of 2019, he is the group leader at Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM). His research interest is centered around assessing the quality and relevance of Floating Car Data in vehicular networks. Based on these metrics, the communication efficiency in vehicular networks can be improved to provide additional connectivity features to vehicles.