SFB MAKI – Industry Workshop 2018

Next-Generation Networks – An Industrial View

The planned workshop aims to bring together top industrial researchers and developers working in areas related to the MAKI theme. They shall get to know key results from MAKI, present and exchange research ideas, and provide an industrial view on next-generation networks. In particular, the workshop shall address the following four topics wrt. large scale adaptability / transitions :

  • Advanced network protocols (e.g., multi-path TCP, QUIC),
  • In-network processing (e.g., SDN, NFV, edge computing),
  • Next generation wireless communications (e.g., 5G, visible light) and
  • Machine learning / big data analytics in future communication systems.


Thursday, June 21st 2018


Technische Universität Darmstadt
Rundeturmstr. 10 (S3|20)
64283 Darmstadt
Raum: 111

Link to Google Maps


09:00h Registration and welcome coffee
09:30h Introduction and MAKI overview
10:00h Invited talk 1
10:45h Coffee break
11:00h Invited talk 2
11:45h Lunch break
13:00h Poster session
13:30h Invited talk 3
14:15h Coffee break
14:30h Invited talk 4
15:15h Coffee break
15:30h Invited talk 5
16:15h Coffee break
16:30h Invited talk 6
17:15h Concluding remarks

Link for the registration (deadline: 01.05.2018):

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