Stefan Schulte

Vortragender Stefan Schulte (Assistant Professor an der TU Wien)
Titel Runtime Verification Utilizing the Blockchain
Zeit Freitag, 08. September 2017 13:00 – 14:00 Uhr
Ort S3|20 Rundeturmstr. 10, Darmstadt
Raum 111
The documentation and verification of real-world events plays an important role in smart systems, e.g., with regard to supply chains or logistics.
Once events have been identified, it is necessary to distribute them to data stakeholders using a trusted channel.
Especially in distributed scenarios, where different organizations might be involved, it is necessary to store this data in an immutable way.
In the world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, a similar problem arises, since transactions need to be stored in a permanent and unchangeable way without relying on a trusted third party.
For this, the Blockchain is applied.Within this talk, we will outline how Blockchains can be used in order to provide runtime documentation and verification in smart systems.
In particular, we will present how the Bitcoin Blockchain is used in a concrete solution to achieve runtime verification for distributed, choreography-based business process execution.
In addition, we will give an outlook on how the Blockchain could be utilized in order to provide solutions in arbitrary scenarios where data provenance is of interest.