Gastvorträge 2014

Vortragender Dr. Andreas Mauthe
Titel MAKI goes Rio: Report on the presentation and feedback of MAKI to Brazilian researchers
Zeit Montag, 04.08.14, 15:00 -16:00 Uhr
Ort S3|20, Raum 111,
Rundeturmstr. 10, 64283 Darmstadt
MAKI has been introduced in presentations to researchers at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Federal University of Para in Belem, and the Federal University of Rio Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre. The MAKI presentations were part of a wider research discussion on Future Internet concepts (e.g. in the area of Content Networking, Autonomic Networking, Policy-based Network Management, etc.). The general feedback to idea and underlying concept of MAKI was very positive and there have been many questions and comments broadly falling into two categories, i.e.i.) application use cases, and ii.) technical aspects (e.g. architectural concerns, use of context data, the possible role of policies, etc.). In this presentation the feedback and discussions will be summarised in order to publicise more widely within MAKI what the general perception of the project is and to share some of the interesting discussions and suggestions regarding MAKI in Brazil.
Dr. Andreas Mauthe is Reader in Networked Systems at the School of Computing and Communications (SCC), Lancaster University, UK. His research focus is in two areas within the networking and systems domain, i.e. Network Management, and Multimedia Systems. In the Network Management domain the main aspects of his research are resilience mechanisms for a better threat detection and protection of networks and distributed systems (such as Cloud environments), and Autonomic Network Management. In the area of Multimedia Systems his current research focus is on Quality of Experience (QoE) and the Delivery and Information Centric Networking. He has (co-)authored more than 80 peer-reviewed papers published in international journals, conferences and workshops. He is also author of a textbook on Professional Content Management Systems. Andreas worked in industry for more than four years in various management and research positions where amongst others he was heading a development team of 28 software engineers, and was also responsible for product development and UK market strategies. He is associated editor of the Multimedia-Systems Journal, has been member of more than 50 programme committees of renowned international workshops and conferences. Further, Andreas has been reviewer and expert advisor on various national and international research programmes for the European Commission, and different funding bodies, research councils and government agencies.