Gastvorträge 2014

Vortragender Prof. Dr. Rubén Cuevas
Titel Measuring Popular Internet Services: from BitTorrent to Internet Advertising passing through Online Social Networks
Zeit Dienstag, 16.09.14, 10:30 – 11:30Uhr
Ort S3|20, Raum 111
Rundeturmstr. 10, 64283 Darmstadt
Popular Internet services drive the innovation in the Internet and have important societal impact modifying our lives. Examples of this are file-sharing applications that have change the way in which people interact with the entertainment industry or Online Social Networks that have drastically changed the communication among people in developed societies. Understanding the key aspects behind the success and the functionality of these services is of high interest for multiple science disciplines including sociology, psychology, marketing, law or computer science.
This has motivated the work performed by the NETCOM group at University Carlos III of Madrid to contribute in the understanding of the functionality in the wild systems such as BitTorrent (the most popular file-sharing system) or different OSNs including Twitter and Google+. To this end a measurement driven approach have been used in order to capture the behaviour of users while using these systems in the wild. In this talk we will make a review of the most relevant conducted research in a chronological order. We will start with the analysis of BitTorrent unveling questions such as which are the incentives of content publishers in BitTorrent? or what effect has different anti piracy actions have in the utilisation of BitTorrent?. Afterwards we will present the fundamental results of our analysis of OSNs to answer questions such as: do second generation OSNs have any chance to get a share of the Social Media market? or do OSNs provide advertising tools that can compete with traditional advertising channels? This initial work in the area of online advertising and marketing will bring us to the last part of the talk in which we will briefly present our current work in the area of online advertising that focuses in two main aspects fraud and end-user privacy.
Rubén Cuevas Rumín was born in Madrid, in 1981. He obtained his PhD and MSc in Telematics Engineering and MSc in Telecommunications Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) in 2010, 2007 and 2005, respectively. Furthermore he received his MSc in Network Planning and Management at Aalborg University (Denmark) in 2006. He is member of the Telematic Engineering Department and NETCOM research group at University Carlos III of Madrid since 2006, where he is currently Assistant Professor. Between January and December 2012 he was Courtesy Assistant Professor in the Computer and Information Science department at University of Oregon. In addition, from September 2008 until March 2009 he was intern in the Internet Scientific Group at Telefonica Research Lab Barcelona.
He is coauthor of more than 50 papers in prestigious international journals and conferences such as IEEE Infocom, ACM CoNEXT, WWW, IEEE/ACM TON, IEEE TPDS or Communications of the ACM. He has been the PI of 4 projects funded by the EU-FP7 program, the Spanish Government and private companies and associations and overall has participated in more than 10 research projects. Rubén's main research interests include Internet Measurements, Online Social Networks, Online Advertising and Content Distribution.