Sub-project B2

Coordination and Execution

Efficient Distributed Runtime Support with Quality-based Application Adaptation

Subproject B2 investigates the coordination and execution of MAKI communication systems, i.e., their mechanisms, transitions, and applications – and thus, in particular, the last phase of the MAPE cycle (Monitoring, Analysis, Planning, Execution), which is dealt with in area B of MAKI. Here, B2 designs distributed runtime environments that have advanced planning, resource allocation, and component (re)placement capabilities. Phase II focused mainly on efficiency and adaptability, and on development aspects such as separation of concerns. Project C7 (ending with Phase II) provided critical groundwork for phase III of B2.

Extended Summary

Subproject Heads B2:

Name Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser(06151) 16-3709
(06151) 16 - 23194