Sub-project B1

Monitoring and Analysis

Approximate Monitoring in highly-dynamic environments

Subproject B1 investigates mechanisms and algorithms for approximate monitoring of communication systems in order to provide the necessary monitoring data for transition-capable multi-mechanisms under dynamic conditions. The high heterogeneity of transition-capable mechanisms, their different requirements on the quality of monitoring data and the lack of cooperation of non-transition-capable communication systems are major challenges. Subproject B1 thus deals with the first two phases of the MAPE cycle, i.e., monitoring and analysis, and provides the basis for planning and executing transitions.


Extended Summary

Subproject Heads B1:

Name Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. techn. Heinz Koeppl(06151) 16-57235
(06151) 16-29101
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Steinmetz(06151) 16-29101