Sub-project A1

A1: Modeling

Modeling Construction of Topology Control and Topology Mapping Multi-Mechanisms

Subproject A1 investigates the development methods for Topology Control mechanisms. The basic idea is to use graph transformations for specification and local algorithms for the realization of Topology Control mechanisms. In phase I, a development methodology for reactive Topology Control mechanisms was developed. In phase II, A1 aims at developing federations of Topology Control (multi-)mechanisms (in contrast to isolated Topology Control mechanisms in phase I). These Topology Control (multi-)mechanisms cooperate across network layers and (geographic or logic) regions. The duration and probability distribution of transitions will be taken into account. The development methodology is also extended to support proactive TC transitions.


Extended Summary

Subproject Leader A1:

Name Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser(06151) 16-3709