Project area X: Projects with start-up funding

With the start-up funding from the DFG, research consortia can offer committed and outstanding (young) scientists the opportunity to carry out independent research projects. The scientists can thus define and work on their own research topics.

In the CRC MAKI, two start-up funds from different project areas have been approved in the third phase at the Darmstadt location. These are:

X4: Mechanism Adaptivity in Heterogeneous Multi-Stream Transport Protocols

X5: Dynamics Centered Optimal and Learning Based Mechanism Transition for Cyber-physical Systems

In the CRC MAKI, three start-up fundings from different project areas were approved during phase II in 2018 at the TU Darmstadt. Some of these are now independent subprojects in Phase III. They were:

X1: Co-designing Big Data Analytics Systems with Modern Networks

X2: Optimized Transition Planning ensuring the Reliability of INP with Stochastic Contexts

X3: Human-Computer-Interaction and Transitions