Integrated Research Training Group

The aim of the integrated research training group is to recruit the best doctoral students internationally for MAKI and to support them in their doctoral phase through a comprehensive qualification and supervision concept. In doing so, the qualification and supervision measures ensure that prospective researchers are taught essential subject-specific and non-subject-specific qualifications. This increases the chances of success in the doctorate and lays the foundation for a long-term academic career.

The recruitment concept as part of the organisational concept uses the diverse relationships of the scientists in the SFB. In addition to local and Germany-wide recruitment, job advertisements are placed with the help of international partners. Targeted recruitment takes place in countries in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America that have high potential and to which the applicants have intensive relationships. A tried and tested multi-stage procedure consisting of on-site selection by our international partners, lectures and group discussions via Skype and finally personal interviews with the candidates in Darmstadt is used. Each doctoral candidate is assigned an administrative contact person on site in Darmstadt, and for doctoral candidates from abroad, start-up assistance is provided in the form of support in finding accommodation, dealing with the authorities, health insurance, etc. International candidates can also be recruited locally via the specialisation masters of the TU Darmstadt (“Distributed Software Systems”, “Information and Communications Engineering” and “Internet and Web Technology”). Local students are integrated into research at an early stage via the research student instrument.

Project leader MGK

  • Prof. Alejandro Buchmann
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hollick