Wissenschaftlicher Beirat 2022

Donnerstag, den 17. März 2022

Ort: aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie online via Zoom (Details folgen).

Teilnehmende: Mitglieder des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats sowie alle Mitglieder des Sonderforschungsbereichs
(MAKI interne Veranstaltung; bei Fragen)


Time (CET, German local time)
11:45am Warming-up
12:00 Welcome
Agenda of today and introduction to session on new and envisaged members of MAKI
Ralf Steinmetz
12:15pm „Overhead-aware transition into a programmable radio environment“
Research Talk by Vahid Jamali
12:50pm Break & writing feedback (advisors)
12:55pm „Dynamics Centered Optimal and Learning Based Mechanism Transition for Cyber-physical Systems“
Research Talk by Rolf Findeisen
01:30pm „Mechanism Adaptivity in Heterogeneous Multi-Stream Transport Protocols“
Research Talk by Sebastian Rust
01:50pm Break & writing feedback (advisors)
02:05pm Intro to session joint research on open research questions – WIMi Session
02:10pm WiMi Sessions – Which open question are we working on (at the moment)? – Part A
02:40pm Coffee break, change Zoom rooms
02:45pm WiMi Sessions – Which open question are we working on (at the moment)? – Part B
03:15pm Coffee break
03:30pm Future topics in networking & a way to a sucessful scientific career
03:35pm Panel – 4 statements of the Board Members and Mercator-Fellows on
“Which topics shall focus on in order to establish further collaborative research activities"
03:50pm Discussion in small groups (parallel):
4 future topic sessions and
1 career coaching session
04:30pm Presentation of the discussed potential future topics
04:50pm Scientific Workshop 2023
04:55pm Forthcoming events and wrap-up
05:00pm End of Board Meeting