Wissenschaftlicher Beirat 2021

Donnerstag, den 18. März 2021

Ort: Aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie online via Zoom.

Teilnehmende: Mitglieder des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats sowie alle Mitglieder des Sonderforschungsbereichs
(MAKI interne Veranstaltung; bei Fragen)


Time (CET, German local time)
12:45pm Warming-up
01:00pm Welcome – Ralf Steinmetz, Matthias Hollick and Heinz Koeppl
01:10pm Presentation of the third phase of the CRC – Ralf Steinmetz
01:20pm Research Highlights (3 parallel sessions)
Session 1 (Host: Andy Schürr)
Transition models, flexibility and analytical tools for performance analysis
01:20 Hendrik Göttmann (A4)
''Real-Time-Aware Reconfiguration Decisions for Dynamic Software Product Lines''
01:40 Sounak Kar and Bastian Alt (both B4)
''Throughput Optimization in Batch Processing systems (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet) and Transitions under partial Information' (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)'
02:00 Andrea Ortiz (C1)
''Performance Guarantee Provisioning under Uncertainty: A lower-layers perspective''
Session 2 (Host: Amr Rizk)
Programmability in data center networks and industrial networks
01:20 Matthias Eichholz (A2)
''Compositional Verification of Data Plane Programs using Dependent Types''
01:40 Marcel Blöcher (B2)''Resource Scheduling for Heterogeneous Computer Systems'' (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)
02:00 Christoph Gärtner (T3) ''On the Flexibility of TSN Scheduling of isochronous Tasks''
Session 3 (Host: Rhaban Hark)
Wireless networks
01:20 Bernd Simon (B3)
''Matching Framework for Joint Resource Allocation in Hierarchical Multi-Access Edge Computing''
01:40 Tobias Meuser (B1)
''Approximate Monitoring: Uncertainty in Vehicular Communication Networks''
02:00 Luis F. Abanto-Leon (T1)
''Stay Connected, Leave no Trace: Enhancing Security and Privacy in WiFi via Obfuscating Radiometric Fingerprints''

02:20pm Coffee break
02:40pm Research talks by subproject D1 (Host: Matthias Hollick)
Lars Baumgärtner and Bastian Bloessl
''Adaptive Wireless Communication for Mission-Critical Applications''
03:10pm Research talks by subproject D2 (Host: Matthias Hollick)
Carsten Binnig ''Data Management on Next-Generation Networks''
Andreas Koch ''Opportunities for Hardware-Accelerated In-Network Processing''
03:40pm Feedback of the Advisory Board related to the research talks of D1 and D2
(Host: Markus Fidler)
04:15pm End of Board Meeting