Scientific Advisory Board 2020

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Venue: Darmstadtium

Schloßgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt

Conference Room: 3.0234 europium3 and meeting rooms 3.05 radon, 3.06 xenon and 3.07 argon. Level 3

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Participants: Members of the Scientific Advisory Board and all members of the CRC

(MAKI internal event)


08:45 Come together 3.0234 europium3
09:00 Preliminary discussion and talk by R.Steinmetz
about DFG-criteria and focus in MAKI III
Internal meeting
2.05 radon
09:00 Talk by H. Koeppl about DFG-criteria and focus in MAKI III All MAKIs
3.0234 europium3
09:15 MAKI Plenum, part 1 All MAKIs
3.0234 europium3
10:00 Presentation of project area C (10') A. Klein with A. Ortiz, M. Luthra, A. Tahir und A. Sterz
Presentation of project area D (5') C. Binnig with L. Baumgärtner
Presentation of project area B (10') M. Mühlhäuser with T. Meuser, L. Wang., B. Simon and F. Steinke
Presentation of project area A (10') K. Wehrle with F. Brandherm, M. Eichholz, J. Höchst and M. Pfannemüller
3.0234 europium3
10:35 Coffee break
11:05 Discussion of the proposal text of the General Section
(Allgemeiner Teil)
3.0234 europium3
12:35 Group Photo
12:45 Lunch Ground floor
13:45 One-on-one interview with TPs B2, B4, C2, C5, D1
14:20 One-on-one interview with TPs A1, A2, A3, B1, B3
14:55 One-on-one interview with TPs A4, C1, C3, D2
15:25 Coffee break
16:00 Internal consultation of the members of the Scientific
Advisory Board,
external reviewers and Mercator Fellows
Internal meeting
2.05 radon
16:00 MAKI Plenum, part 2 All MAKIs
3.0234 europium3
17:00 Feedback for the MAKI Direktorium Internal meeting
2.05 radon
17:30 Feedback from the Scientific Advisory Board All MAKIs
3.0234 europium3
18:30 Dinner at Restaurant Calla Ground floor