MAKI Workshop

Gender- and culturally sensitive communication: working in intercultural teams

Coach: Sho Tai und Tina Bräutigam

Date: 01 June 2023

Location: S3|20 Room 111, Rundeturmstraße 10, 64283 Darmstadt


Addressing culturally sensitive communication in transcultural teams and international working environments.

Inclusion of racism-critical and gender-fair perspectives on dealing with the topic of “inter- and transculturality”.

The workshop will cover the following points:

  • Introduction to the terms “culture” and “intercultural competence”
  • Exercise to strengthen the transcultural change of perspective
  • Theory input on the topic “transcultural communication in international teams and settings”
  • Communication exercise to strengthen intercultural competence
  • Development of options for action on the basis of practical examples from everyday university working life