LanParty Girls only

22.-23. November 2013

Girls only

Successful LanParty Girls only – more than 100 girls wanted to join the game

Together with the Forum Beruf, Karriere, Zukunft e.V., CRC MAKI organized the “cool Internet night for girls only” in the Piloty building at Technical University of Darmstadt at the end of November – a LAN party with added value for technophile young women.

Because it wasn't just about gambling: in numerous workshops and competitions, the girls were able to find out about IT studies and even take their first insight into the world of programming, for example to develop their own smartphone app. The aim of the event was to inspire more young women to study IT and to break down fears of contact with classic “boys” topics – “The internet of the future concerns us all,” says MAKI spokesman Ralf Steinmetz.

Detailed information, pictures and a summary of the program can be found in the Darmstädter Echo and on the LanParty Girls only website.

There is also a short film about the LanParty 2013 here:

LanParty Girls only 2013 – the movie

Moving: the clip of the cool night of the internet.

or directly to the film, Production Hibbi Nayyer