Scientific Workshop 2023

Next Generation Wireless Edge Networks

Date: Friday, 17 March 2023

darmstadtium 3rd floor (Schloßgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany)

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Lars Baumgärtner and Bastian Bloessl

Next Generation Wireless Edge Networks

Wireless access networks are no longer only about capacity and bigger pipes to the Internet. They have to cater for a wide range of applications that are not just more of the same but come with new demands and QoS/QoE requirements. And with resilience and energy efficiency gaining relevance, this even goes beyond traditional network performance metrics.

There is a large interest in mobile app paradigms such as local-first, AR/VR, industrial networks with local processing capabilities, and cyber-physical systems to improve our daily lifes. However, providing the flexibility to enable these use-cases and combinations of them is a great challenge. We believe that this will not be achieved with incremental changes, adding more knobs to the system. The scientific workshop, therefore, focuses on network structures, designs, and concepts for the next generation wireless edge networks.


08.45 am Come Together
09.05 am Dr. Lars Baumgärtner and Dr. Bastian Bloessl
TU Darmstadt, Germany
Welcome and Introduction
09.15 am Prof. Dr. Anna Förster
Universität Bremen, Germany
“Towards Self-Awareness of Internet of Things Devices”
10.00 am Dr. Andre Puschmann
SRS – Software Radio Systems Ltd., Spain
“srsRAN: Scalable ORAN-native CU/DU solutions for Everyone”
10.45 am Coffee Break
11.15 am Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Fitzek
TU Dresden, Germany
“Get in Touch with the Metaverse”
12.00 Group Photo
12.15 pm Lunch
01.15 pm Ass. Prof. Tim O'Shea Ph.D.
DeepSig Inc. / Virginia Tech, USA
“AI-Native Wireless: Leveraging More Data in Physical Layer Design”
02.00 pm Prof. Tommaso Melodia Ph.D .
Northeastern University, USA – online
“Toward Open, Programmable, and AI-Driven Open RAN Systems: Architectures, Algorithms, Testbeds”
02.45 pm Coffee Break
03.15 pm Ass. Prof. Vuk Marojevic Ph.D.
Mississippi State University, USA – online
“Open AI Cellular: Software Radio Platform for Prototyping and Testing of O-RAN Controllers”
04.00 pm Dr. Lars Baumgärtner and Dr. Bastian Bloessl
Closing remarks
04.10 pm End of the Workshop

Impressions of the MAKI Scientific Workshop 2023 as Video.