MAKI Scientific Workshop 2023

Frank Fitzek

TU Dresden
Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks

„Get in Touch with the Metaverse“

The talk describes the future tasks of communication networks and the importance of the metaverse for the same.
Challenges and opportunities are discussed in relation to each other. Also new technologies like 6G, quantum & molecular communication as well as post Shannon theories for the metaverse are discussed.

Frank H. P. Fitzek is a Professor and head of the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden. He is the spokesman of the DFG Cluster of Excellence CeTI and coordinates the5G Lab Germany as well as one of the four Germany 6G hubs 6G-life, which is funded by the BMBF and carried out together with the Technical University of Munich. His current research interests are in the areas of Tactile Internet, In-Network Computing, Quantum and Molecular Communication, Mobile and Wireless Mesh Communication, Post-Shannon Theory, Network Coding as well as Robotics and the Metaverse.