Markus Weckesser


Variant Handling in Agile Automotive Software Development


Continental provides a sophisticated interior platform comprising in-vehicle infotainment functionality as well as safety critical driver information systems. The platform provides the basis for all kind of interactions between humans and vehicles in the connected cockpit of the future. While in-car electronics are moving away from individual control units to few high-performance computers the software complexity of such systems with thousands of software components increases considerably. Tailoring new product variants from the platform towards specific customer needs imposes further architectural as well as organizational challenges and requires elaborate techniques for variant handling.

In this talk, we will investigate challenges we encounter in the connectivity domain of modern in-vehicle infotainment systems from a platform perspective, discuss software product line engineering techniques proposed in academia and their application in industry, and share some experiences entering industry after MAKI.


Markus is a Software Architect for in-vehicle connectivity technologies at Continental AG. In 2019, he obtained a Dr.-Ing. for his work on „Automated Analysis of Integrated Software Product Line Specifications" from TU Darmstadt where he previously worked as a researcher in the collaborative research center MAKI.