Aleksandra Kovacevic


In the Right Place at the Right Time: Challenges of Location Privacy


Location carries rich contextual information that enables powerful services in increasingly autonomous world. At the same time, due to its spatial-temporal sequential nature it is also particularly privacy revealing. This talk aims at illuminating the challenges and bringing some clarity to estimating privacy risks while processing location data. We present real-world examples of privacy risk associated with releasing location data, which reveal that the privacy risk depends on the context of location and purpose of its processing. We demonstrate how ‘singling-out’, ‘linkability’ and ‘inference’ can help estimating location privacy risk. Protecting location privacy while maintaining its value for service is significantly more challenging than it is the case for non-sequential data in for example healthcare use case. This talk will present some possibilities to strike this balance of privacy protection and utility preservation of location data.


Aleksandra is leading privacy-by-design engineering efforts at HERE Technologies. After a decade of experience in applied research and product management in the area of Big Data analytics, fascinated by the conflicting needs to preserve the data value while protecting privacy, she initiated a project on anonymization of location data and estimating the remaining privacy risk. As means for balancing data utility and privacy risk go way beyond anonymization, she broadened her scope to privacy- and ethics-by-design. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science of TU Darmstadt, worked in DFG FG QuaP2P project and contributed to proposal for SFB MAKI, published over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications and numerous patents.