Leonhard Nobach
Vortragender Leonhard Nobach
Deutsche Telekom
Titel SDN and open hardware applied – a view from Deutsche Telekom Access Engineering
Zeit Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022; 09:45Uhr
Ort Online via Zoom (bitte E-Mail an office@maki.tu-darmstadt.de, um Zugangsdaten zu erhalten)
Telco providers have a history of reliable services with only littlechange. But a transformation has taken place during the last decade: Mobileaccess networks (3,4,5G) have emerged, and reliable and flexible networks areneeded for the resource demand of a changing Internet service ecosystem.Deutsche Telekom sees SDN, NFV, white-box switching hardware – as well as DevOpsand container-based control planes – as enablers to reach higher agility, lowertime-to-market and reduced costs. This lecture will give an insight into howDeutsche Telekom envisions to apply these new technologies in their operationsnetwork, and will describe and explainthe underlying technologies.
Leonhard Nobach is a software engineer at Deutsche Telekom, Access 4.0, where he is responsible for the DevOps cloud infrastructure and the continuous integration and delivery of the project's collaboratively-developed code. Before he joined Deutsche Telekom, Leo worked as a Ph.D. student at the Multimedia Communications Lab, TU Darmstadt, where his major research topics have been in the area of virtualization performance, data plane and packet switching hardware and software, NFV hardware acceleration, and software-defined networks. During his work as a Ph.D. student, Leo also worked as an intern at Nokia Bell Labs in Stuttgart. Leo received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and information technology in 2018, and holds a master's degree in computer science, both from TU Darmstadt. He also has certified industry experience as a network engineer, and is active in the open-source software community.