Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter (TU Darmstadt)
Title Human-Computer-Interaction and Transitions: User Expectations during Infrastructure Deviations and Breakdowns
Date Monday 10/09/2018, 14.00 – 15.00
Location S3|20 Rundeturmstr. 10, Darmstadt
Room 111
Our research in MAKI aims to empirically research infrastructure deviations and breakdowns with regard to their perception by different stakeholders using the exploratory sequential design of mixed-method research. Only few works so far have examined awareness, behavior and communication during the breakdown of a critical infrastruc-ture. Generally, infrastructures are taken for granted by users, and mostly become visible during a breakdown. Typi-cally, users only notice the underlying infrastructure when the supply fails and only then become aware of their de-pendency in their daily lives. Thus, we will conduct qualitative empirical studies, representative quantitative studies and social network analyses in order to collect and analyze data on how different stakeholder perceive infrastructure deviations and breakdowns. Furthermore, we aim to conduct workshops with MAKI experts to design use cases and to test existing MAKI applications and services with end-users from the perspective of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Taking the results into account, the aim is firstly to deduce technical parameters that are aligned with stake-holder needs and perceptions in order to trigger technical transitions in a proactive way, and secondly to develop HCI prototypes to test different applications and services with users – in order to design services that also take lim-ited batteries of telephone masts into consideration. Aligned with user needs and perceptions, this research aims to address reliability and robustness of infrastructures in order to ensure continuity.
Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter is Professor (Science and Technology for Peace and Security – PEASEC) at the Department of Computer Science with secondary appointment in the Department History and Social Sciences at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Furthermore he is initiator and leading mentor of the BMBF research group KontiKat at the University of Siegen, Germany. Before he was division manager crisis information systems at the Institute for Information Systems and coordinator at the SME Graduate School. He studied Information Systems at the University of Siegen and the École Supérieure de Commerce de Dijon, France (Dipl.-Wirt.Inf.; M.Sc.) and received a PhD for his work on (inter-)organizational collaboration technology design for crisis management (Dr. rer. pol., summa cum laude).
Christian Reuter has acquired, conducted and managed national and international consultancy and research projects (BMBF, EU) and, inter alia, collaborated with companies such as SAP, RWE, Deutsche Telekom. As a web entrepreneur, he supports various SME since 2002. Before his scientific work he was IT consultant. In addition to teaching he has published about 150 scientific articles in Computer Science, Information Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Collaborative Work, Crisis-, Security-, Safety- and Peace-Research and Social Media.