Francesco Gringoli
Lecturer Francesco Gringoli
Title Oblivious Node Localisation from Reception Timestamps in Asynchronous Networks
Date Friday, 29/07/2016, at 10:30
Location S4/14 Mornewegstraße 26-32, 64293 Darmstadt
Without GPS support, localisation of mobile targets in indoor scenarios becomes a tricky task. To avoid the deployment of dedicated hardware infrastructure, we developed a technique that exploits signals transmitted in a 802.11 network to opportunistically determine the position of oblivious targets. The proposed technique relies exclusively on the reception timestamps collected by anchor nodes and does not require any form of time synchronisation as we eliminate clock skews by means of data processing, leveraging the data redundancy that is intrinsic to the multiple reception of the same packet at different anchors. We validate the proposed method in different experimental settings, indoor and outdoor, using exclusively low-cost Commercial-Off-The-Shelf WiFi devices, achieving sub-meter accuracy in full Line-of-Sight conditions and meter-level accuracy in mild Non-line-of-sight environment. Finally we show how we can further improve the accuracy by exploiting Channel State Information.
I was born in Milan (Italy) on April 12th, 1974. I received the Laurea degree (BS, MS) in Telecommunication Engineering (summa cum laude) from the University of Padova (Italy) in 1998. In February 2002 I received the Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Brescia, Italy. Since March 2005 I am a Permanent Resercher in Computer Networks at the University of Brescia.
My research interests include techniques and methods for the simulation of packet networks and the evaluation of their performances; development of QoS enabled algorithms for Medium Access Control in 802.11 networks; and statistical analysis of network traffic.