Prof. Dr. Thomas Plagemann

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Vortragender Prof. Dr. Thomas Plagemann
Titel Supporting Information Sharing in Emergency and Rescue Operations
Zeit Mittwoch, 16.07.2014, 14:00 – 16:00 Uhr
Ort S3|20, Raum 111
Rundeturmstraße 10, Darmstadt
This presentation gives an overview of our research activities in the area of technical support for Emergency and Rescue (ER) operations. This research has been performed in four projects (i.e., MIDAS, Ad-Hoc InfoWare, DT-Stream and SIRIUS) funded by the EU and the Norwegian Research Council. The goal of all projects is to provide efficient means for information sharing and processing during ER operations. The common assumption for all projects is that it is not possible to assume that a well functioning network infrastructure exists at the incident area. As such all solutions must be able to run over Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) and even be able to tackle network partitions. The means for information sharing in the projects include a distributed database solution supporting eventual consistency, a distributed event notification system, video streaming resp. transport solutions forMANETs with frequent partitions, and a distributed complex event processing system. Furthermore, tools have been developed to support these research activities, including simulation and emulation support.
Thomas Plagemann is Professor at the University of Oslo. He is currently leading the Distributed Multimedia Systems Research Group at the Department of Informatics.